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What does IBS mean for me? Part 1

Like everyone else, to truly speak on my IBS experience, I need WAY more than this caption allows for. But here is PART ONE to the conversation...

Education - my education (particularly my first degree) has been majorly impacted by IBS. I would avoid lectures as I was so worried about needing the toilet. As you can imagine, this majorly effected my grades. When I studied my law degree, I worked really hard to manage my symptoms. But the major stress of exams made the stomach cramps and eating in general almost unbearable.

Relationships - I always feel a lot of shame and guilt around my diet. When I was a lot younger, there were times where I would consider JUST eating foods so the person didn’t think I was difficult (crazy I know). I would say it has influenced the people I am attracted too for sure, but in a positive way.

Dating - I think this should be a separate point as it brings its own problems! The big one is what to actually do on the dates. They might not know you well enough to realise that surprising you with a restaurant reservation (who else checks the menu before they go?) MAY not actually be the romantic vision they thought. Also, I don’t drink so bars aren’t always that good. Basically, we are heading straight to the wedding day.

Appearance - the dreaded feeling of worrying if you can wear the outfit you have planned because you know you’re going out for dinner before you go out out. When I was younger, I was a lot more self conscious. To be honest I don’t really go out anymore, but a big cause of the bloat was the anxiety around the bloat.

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