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RECIPE: Easy Vegetable Curry

The basis of this curry is that you can both use up anything you’ve got in your fridge and also add any fish/meat/tofu if you wish!

I also wanted to make something that was relatively low cost. All the vegetables in here were either bought cheap from the market or had a reduced sticker on. I’ve also kept it as a pure tomato base to avoid the cost of coconut milk (I do love a tomatoey curry anyway!).

This recipe has aubergines in. I would definitely say get rid of the skin if you have #ibs . It will still taste delicious, just nicer on your tummy.

Spice my food is just a no go for me now. It really is such a #triggerfood - but feel free to add some if you like it!


One onion

one tin of tomatoes

one tin full of water

half an aubergine

three big mushrooms or 6/8small ones

four garlic buds/1 One heaped tablespoon of garlic purée

one heaped teaspoon of turmeric

One heaped teaspoon of garam masala

one heaped tablespoon of ginger

one heaped teaspoon of garlic powder

one heaped teaspoon of cumin powder

Salt and pepper to taste

bowl full of spinach

packet of green beans

oil of choice

Curry vegetable gluten free healthy


Heat pan on a high heat add oil of choice

sliced onions and fry over with salt and pepper

add seasoning and toast

chop off skin of aubergine and slice into chunks

chop mushrooms and add these and aubergine to pan to fry over

add tin tomatoes and water then the garlic

allow to simmer add the rest of the vegetables

simmer for at least 45 minutes

taste so you can see whether you would like to add more seasoning

serve with rice gluten free bread on a jacket potato

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