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Chocolate Orange Christmas Log Salami (gf vgn)

It’s hard finding Christmas desserts that are #freefrom but also delicious.

As always, I try and make my recipes nice and simple. Exact measurements are never really THAT important.

This is inspired by the Italian #chocolatesalami dessert. Although I spoke to my cousin (who’s Italian) and she’s never heard of it 😂😂

I love these dried oranges from @thesourceunitedkingdom - I think I’m going to make a mulled wine tea with some!

Save for an easy dessert option! 🖤✨👇


100g (big bar) dark chocolate

75g dairy free butter

50g cocao powder

50g sugar (I use raw cane)

1 orange

5 gluten free vegan digestives.

Cling film


On a very low heat, melt the chocolate in a pan and stir

Add the butter, sugar and mix

Zest and juice the orange

Break up the digestives and mix

Lay out the cling film on a chopping board and lay out mixture in a sausage shape in the middle

Roll and wrap and then twist the sides

Place in freezer for 2+ hours

(Optional dust with icing sugar)

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